Japan Used Piano Association

An important notice from JUPA.


"Due to the widespread flooding caused by recent Typhoon Hagibis that hit the East of Japan, including the Tokai and Kanto regions, many pianos that have been damaged by flooding waters are gradually appearing on the world markets. Takemoto Piano, a member of our association tries not to have those pianos in stock and in case of such instruments it notifies customers without fail, giving all the necessary information. Unfortunately other export companies sell such pianos without any notification to their customers. Many people whose pianos sustained damages because of the typhoon are giving us information about those instruments; we are having Takemoto Piano putting those information into a data base so in case you have bought pianos from another supplier but are feeling uneasy, please enquire them: they can check from the database if the piano was damaged by water or not. It is a free service we provide. There is still big concern about damages caused by the typhoon that hit Japan on 11th-13th October enquiries from regular users and piano holders about pianos damaged by the floods will continue to come for some time.


Japan Used Piano Association"

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